Instant Audiences Reporting

Instant Audiences offers reporting capabilities that allow you to track email addresses and revenue attribution, including how revenue is attributed to profiles and key metrics.
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The Audiences dashboard monitors your email marketing performance and revenue attribution. Within this dashboard, you'll see reporting based on two essential metrics:

  1. Provided Email Addresses: This metric offers insight into the number of email addresses that Instant Audiences has supplied to your ESP. This information is pivotal in assessing the scale of your audience reach and the potential reach of your campaigns. Additionally, you can cross-reference this number with your ESP's data.

  2. Attributed Revenue: This metric in the Audiences dashboard is attributed revenue. This figure represents the revenue generated from users whose profiles were provided by Instant Audiences and who subsequently made conversions on your store. This information provides a direct measure of the financial impact of your email campaigns powered by Instant Audiences.