When will I receive my payout?

What is the settlement period?

Instant makes daily payouts and the payout terms are T+2.
T+2 means "Trade date plus two days." It's the standard time it takes for financial transactions to settle.

Why is the Settlement Period T+2?

The T+2 settlement period is a widely accepted industry standard that provides time for various parties involved in a financial transaction to complete necessary processes. It helps ensure that all necessary checks and balances are in place before funds are transferred

When do I get my first payout?

Expect your first payout to arrive two business days after the trade or transaction date. If you make a transaction on Monday, your payout typically comes in by Wednesday, except on weekends and holidays.

What can mess with the payout timing?

Weekends, holidays, and the banks processing time can affect it. Different financial institutions might have slightly different processing times, so it's good to check with yours for specifics. Delays receiving the first payout are not uncommon.