Why is my revenue from Instant flows much higher than the number of net new profiles?

The main value that Audiences brings is reclaiming abandoned carts and driving revenue by identifying anonymous traffic.

Instant Audiences leverages a combination of server-side, client-side, cross-device and advanced browser identification techniques to persistently identify and track web traffic. Our technology ensures that our merchants are able to identify and track customers even when third party cookies are blocked, iOS/Apple restrictions are active, or when cache/cookies are cleared.

Instant Audiences provides events for all identified traffic, which also includes site traffic for emails already in your email database to drive flow revenue.

This enables the Audiences flows to re-engage dormant profiles that we can identify and track where Klaviyo is unable to. Audiences is able to identify abandonment events for profiles indefinitely as soon as we identify them, whilst Klaviyo is only able to receives events from your Shopify store if a user is logged in or has logged in within the last 7 days (on Apple/iOS/Firefox and most Chrome browsers)

For example, if customer purchased from store on Safari 10 days ago, then customer returns and abandons a new shopping cart today, Klaviyo would be unable to track that customer has abandoned their cart, therefore not enabling store to re-target customer and re-claim the abandoned cart.

However with Instant Audiences, Klaviyo would receive a signal that customer abandoned their cart, enabling customer to be re-targeted via the Instant flows. This greatly increases the amount of abandonment events that Klaviyo receives, resulting in increased abandonment revenue.

Our main success indicator is the revenue from Instant flows - from both net new and existing profiles, as this demonstrates the amount of abandoned carts we were able to reclaim that the normal flows would not have been able to.

Over time, we expect to see orders from net new profiles specifically to increase, as well as revenue generated from net new profiles converted from campaigns.