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Apple & Google Pay

Release Date: 15 September 2023

What is it?

We've introduce Apple & Google Pay as payment options.

We wanted to give the most seamless experience to shoppers, by offering additional payment methods for their convenience.

We know shoppers love Apple Pay & Google Pay and we wanted to give those options with Instant Checkout.


Why did we do it?

Choice is a critical factor for consumers when it comes to online shopping, and this is particularly true at the checkout stage. Consumers expect to have a variety of payment options available to them, with data showing 11% of abandoned checkouts are due to not having enough payment options. To address this, we have implemented Apple Pay and Google Pay in addition to credit card transactions.

These options also sit nicely with our core design paradigm of providing a streamlined, one step experience to consumers. These additional options also drastically increase conversions as well. Research shows that Apple Pay can increase checkout conversion by 20%.



What is customers don't use Apple or Google Pay?

Shoppers still have the option to pay via Credit Card as they always have.