Collection Viewed Flow

Instant Audiences has a 'Collection Viewed' metric which enables us to see when a shopper has viewed a collection.

This captures your anonymous shoppers who have not performed a higher intent metric such as 'Product Viewed' or 'Add to Cart'

As these shoppers have shown interest in a particular collection or category. We can now enrol them in a Collection Viewed Flow to move them down your funnel.

What is a Collection Viewed Flow?

A Collection Viewed Flow involves sending targeted messages or sequences of messages to these individuals who have shown interest in a collection of products but haven't taken further actions such as viewing specific products, adding items to their cart, initiating the checkout process, or completing a purchase.

By engaging these potential customers who have already expressed interest in a particular category or collection, we aim to rekindle their interest and guide them towards making a purchase. 


Why should I use a Collection Viewed flow?

Reach more Potential Customers: By targeting individuals who have viewed a collection but haven't proceeded further, the flow allows you to engage with a significantly larger portion of your website traffic who are already displaying interest in your products.

Personalise Communication: This flow enables personalised communication based on the specific collections or categories that visitors have shown interest in. By delivering relevant content and offers, you can increase the likelihood of conversion.

Enhance your Lead Gen Efforts: Integrating the Collection Viewed Flow into your lead gen strategy allows you to effectively identify and segment traffic that has landed on specific collections as a result of your marketing efforts. Enrolling browsers in a collection viewed flow increases chance conversion and reduces your acquisition cost.


How do I set up the collection viewed flow?

We have prebuilt a template we can clone into your account ready to go with all the filters and trigger splits per category. Simply put together your content for each collection.

Please reach out to us if you need this template.