How are Success Indicators calculated?

Instant uses 3 main success indicators to measure the performance of Instant. We track these metrics on individual customer dashboards and and review them with our customers during success calls on a regular basis.

Please see below for more information on each Indicator and how we calculate it.

Increase in Checkout Completion

Your checkout completion rate is calculated from every customer who starts the checkout process versus completes the process and makes a purchase from your store.

We compare the checkout completion of your generic checkout versus your Instant checkout to understand the increase and present it to you as a percentage.

Obtaining Generic Checkout Data:
Your generic data is obtained using Google Analytics. We calculate the visits to the checkout(buyers who start the checkout process) versus visits to the order confirmation page(buyers who complete the checkout process).

Real Data (Calculated by Industry):

Decrease in First Time Checkout Time 

Your checkout time is calculated from the average time it takes a first time customer who completes an Instant transaction versus the average time of a customer completing a transaction using the generic checkout.

We compare the average times and present the data to you in the form of a percentage increase.

Obtaining Generic Data:
Your Generic Data is obtained using Google Analytics. We look at the average time spent on your generic checkout page.

Repeat Customer Rate

To calculate your repeat customer rate we look at how many Instant transactions were completed by existing users versus first time customers and calculate this as a percentage. We generally see this number grow significantly month on month.