How do I install the Audiences pixel onto a legacy Shopify checkout

The legacy Shopify checkout, which provides access to checkout.liquid is being deprecated. How do I install the Audiences pixel onto a legacy Shopify checkout?

With the deprecation of Shopify's legacy checkout from August 14th 2024, Shopify is releasing checkout extensibility, which is replacing commonly used files such as checkout.liquid which is currently used for extending the Shopify checkout.

Instant Audiences is built on top of checkout extensibility, and therefore works out of the box with all Shopify customers that have upgraded from the legacy Shopify checkout.

If you are integrating Instant Audiences, we would highly recommend upgrading your Shopify checkout.

For customers that are still on the legacy Shopify checkout wanting to install the Audiences pixel, please proceed through the normal onboarding flow, but in addition, complete the steps below.


1. During onboarding, you would have added the Instant pixel to your theme in theme.liquid. This pixel is unique per site.

To retrieve your pixel, either copy + paste it from theme.liquid, or proceed to the Instant dashboard (link here), and proceed to Step 11 underneath Audiences > Setup > Ecommerce platform.

Step 11


2. Please take this pixel, and also copy+paste the pixel above the tag in your checkout.liquid file. Please see a screenshot below of how this should look. 

After you have pasted the pixel into checkout.liquid, click Save in the top right to complete configuration.