Manual Payment Reviews

While Instant's automated systems work to prevent fraud on your account, if required we can support manual reviews to provide an extra layer of fraud protection allowing you to give certain payments a manual inspection.

For example, you might want to review transactions that:

  • Have an elevated risk of fraud according to Instant’s fraud protection system
  • Were made from outside your country
  • Are greater than a certain amount
  • Use an email address from an unusual domain

If you would like to enable manual review or know more about the rules applied to payments or make changes please contact


Manual Payment Review Process

To access your dashboard, navigate to:

A OTP will be sent to your email, contact us if you cannot log in.

Once you are logged in, navigate to Payments > Reviews. Here you will see a list of transactions that have been flagged for review.

Click View to access more information about the transaction or to approve or decline it.

Clicking "Decline" the transaction will be cancelled and the payment will be refunded to the card holder.

Clicking "Approve" will confirm the order and the transaction will be removed from the Transaction Reviews list.



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