How does Instant handle BigCommerce order statuses?

Our native BigCommerce integration provides a comprehensive, end to end integration into the BigCommerce order management system, including order statuses.

Upon placement of an order through Instant Checkout,

  • an order is created in BigCommerce in an incomplete, Pending status, and,
  • payment from the cardholder for the amount due is authorized.
You can see all Pending orders under Orders > View > Incomplete. Please refer to the screenshots below for examples.


Screenshot showing where Incomplete orders show in BigCommerce.The above screenshot shows where Incomplete orders can be found in BigCommerce.


The above screenshot is an example of an incomplete order in BigCommerce.


By default, Instant Checkout gives customers a 5 minute window after placing their order, in which they can cancel their order.

This window enables a customer to cancel if they wish to change their mind, add/remove items, modify shipping etc, significantly reducing support requests. This window is customisable.

Once the 5 minute window is complete and the customer does not cancel their order, Instant Checkout will:

  • capture payment from the cardholder, and
  • set the status of the BigCommerce order to Awaiting Fulfillment
    • It is important to note that some merchants customise the name of this status, e.g. Processing. 


The above screenshot shows an Instant order with the status of Awaiting Fulfillment. These orders are available under Orders > All orders.


The Awaiting Fulfilment status (or equivalent status) indicates that the order has been processed successfully, cannot be cancelled by the customer and payment has been captured in full.


Once an order is ready to be fulfilled, Instant does not modify the BigCommerce order status any further.