What are the Instant order statuses?

Orders placed through Instant are initially set to "Pending." During this period, customers have a five-minute window to cancel their orders. It has been noted that some merchants are starting to fulfil orders while they're still in "Pending" status, which poses a risk of dispatching orders before payment confirmation. This is problematic as these orders could be cancelled during this window. Once the window expires, the order status in Magento changes to "Processing," signifying that the order is finalised and payment has been secured.

Order Statuses:

  • Pending: The initial status allows cancellation within 5 minutes.
  • Processing: Status after the cancellation window, indicating the order is finalised and non-cancelable.

Fulfilment Process:

  • Export Only Processing Orders: Export to ERP/external systems only when orders reach "Processing" status.
  • Avoid Pending Orders: Do not process "Pending" orders for fulfilment to prevent handling cancellations.

Handling Cancellations:

  • Cancelled Orders: Orders cancelled within the 5-minute window are set to "Cancelled" and should not be synced with external systems.