Why is an order showing as 'Pending'?

When a customer places an order through Instant, the customers card is authorised and the order is placed in a "Pending" status.
Instant Checkout provides a 5 minute window, where a customer can cancel their order or update their details. If they cancel their order, the order status in your ecommerce system is set to "Cancelled", and the card authorisation is cancelled (meaning the customer will not be charged.)
After 5 minutes, the order is then progressed to "Processing" and the card authorisation is captured.
Only orders in a "Processing" status should be fulfilled.
Please ensure that Instant Checkout orders with a status of "Pending" are not fulfilled as they can still be cancelled.
Once an order is "Processing", it cannot be cancelled and therefore can be fulfilled.

Orders Stuck in Pending

If an order stays stuck as 'Pending' in your platform, please search the order number in your Seller Dashboard to confirm if the order was paid.  If the order is there, it can be manually updated in your platform and fulfilled. 


If the order is not in the Instant dashboard, this indicates that your server/website may have had an outage and the order was not paid and should not be fulfilled.


Feel free to contact help@instant.one for any clarification on pending orders.