How can I access transaction reports?

Instant has a range of reports available to download from the Merchant Dashboard:

By creating a report it will be downloaded as a CSV.

We currently have 6 report types available:
  1. Transactions Itemised
  2. Transactions Summary
  3. Payouts Itemised 
  4. Payouts Summary
  5. Payouts Reconciliation Itemised
  6. Payouts Reconciliation Summary

To access and download these reports, navigate to the 'reports' area and select 'Create Report'

Screen Shot 2023-04-03 at 3.24.26 pm


Can I received automated reports regularly?

Yes! Instant can set up automated reports via email. Lots of our customers have these go straight into their account system. Please reach out to us to arrange this.

We plan to build this functionality into our Merchant Dashboard.