Installing Instant on Big Commerce

This guide is also relevant for headless.


Installing Instant onto your BigCommerce store is easy.

First, ensure you are logged into your BigCommerce store by visiting:

Navigate to our App; and click the Get This App button to install Instant onto your BigCommerce store:

Untitled (2)

You will be prompted to confirm the app’s installation:

Untitled (3)


After you have pressed Confirm, you should be greeted with the following screen that will allow you to activate your plugin:

Untitled (4)

Simply enter your email into the provided field and then press Complete Integration. You will not be able to click the button until a valid email has been entered.

💡 The email you enter into this box will likely be the same you use to access the Instant Seller Dashboard, which can be found here:

 ⚠️ Be sure to tick “Is this a staging website?” if you are running in a test environment.


On successful activation you should then see this screen:

Untitled (6)

Click on the blue underlined text to then proceed to complete the rest of the onboarding (see “Going Live” section below).

If you encountered any issues while installing or activating, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team at

⚡️ Before Instant can be used on production or a live store you must be setup to receive payments. If you aren't already setup please see our guide Getting setup for payments with Instant