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Personalisation Elements

Release Date: May 16 2023

What is it?

This element is a personalised experience that appears at the checkout for existing Instant users. This means they have shopped with you or another Instant merchant before.

By welcoming back your current customers, or even customers who have used Instant elsewhere, we increase the chances of converting the sale by 31%.

Why did we make it?

We wanted to capture shoppers at their moment of highest intent by removing the friction of inputting data in a typical checkout process. We have seen consistently that the more informed a buyer is about the product and their capacity to buy it, the more likely they are to capitalise on that intent.

So we created a smooth, personalised experience for repeat customers by showing users their previous checkout information, such as email, address and a preview of payment information - with the option to update it of course!

The Results

A significant increase in engagement. 

We analysed the effectiveness across our major retailers over a comparison period.

We found a 31% increase in repeat customers.



Who will see this feature?

This feature is only available to a logged in, existing user of Instant. The feature shows at the generic checkout page.

How does Instant know the personal details?

Instant securely remembers checkout information, such as email, address and a preview of payment information from the customers previous purchases. 

How does Instant keep the credit card numbers secure?

All card numbers are tokenised, which means that we do not store your actual credit card details Read more on How Instant keeps information secure.

What happens when the user presses the 'Instant Checkout' button?

The user will enter the same One-Step checkout process as a regular logged-in Instant user. They will be presented with the order confirmation screen which will give the option to update the details, change the shipping option, add a promo code and confirm or cancel the order.

See the walk through of the user experience here.

Can I customise/remove the banner?

Any changes will need to be made by Instant. Please reach out to us help@instant.one to discuss any feedback/ changes.