How do I get setup with Instant Checkout?

Please note that you cannot self signup to Instant at this stage, it is required that you contact our team to discuss pricing etc

This guide is for new customers who have already signed on with Instant.
Please reach out to if you have not started this process with us.


Firstly, welcome to instant! We are so excited to have you with us! 🎉

Getting started with Instant is easy and straight forward. There are two main areas we need to cover:

  1. Getting setup for payments
  2. Integrating Instant to your online store

Getting setup for payments

Instant is setup to securely process payments and registration is completed through our Merchant Dashboard in just 5-10 mins.

Please refer to this guide for everything you need to know.


Integrating Instant to your online store

We want to make this part as 'Instant' and easy for you as possible so our team is more than happy to complete this configuration for you.

Your Instant consultant will ask you to create us an admin account on staging and provide us the credentials - we will consult with you on styling and any additional requirements you may have.

If you would prefer to complete this yourself, or are just curious about the process - we have documentation depending on which e-commerce platform you are using. Please see our step-by-step guides below: