Setup Instant Audiences

It's easy to get setup with Instant Audiences.

  1. Install the Instant Audiences pixel on your ecommerce platform storefront. This allows Instant Audiences to analyse your opted-in web traffic.
  2. Connect your Email Service Provider to your Audiences Account to automate and trigger the conversion flow Instantly.

We have detailed instructions in our dashboard on connecting Instant Audiences to your platforms.

1. Install Instant Audiences pixel to your Storefront:

  1. Go to the Instant Audiences website and create an account.
  2. Once you have created an account, you will presented with our setup page.
  3. Select the ecommerce platform you are using (Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento)
  4. Follow the detailed instructions provided based on your platform.
  5. You will be provided a snippet of code specific for your account.
  6. Follow the instructions to copy/paste the code to your platforms code editor.

Once you have installed the Instant Audiences pixel, you are ready to start collecting email addresses from your anonymous website visitors.


2. Connect your your Email Service Provider:

  1. Select your email partner from our setup page (Klaviyo, Dot Digital)
  2. Follow the instructions to obtain and copy your API Keys.
  3. Paste the API Key's into the fields provided.
  4. Click Verify to complete the setup.

If we are not integrated to your email marketing platform you can easily export/import your email contacts instead. 

[Link: Audience Email Contacts]